Q. What is IMAGE AuthenticitySM?

A. Pittman IMAGE created a network of image solutions for individuals and businesses which bring their verbal and visual message into alignment. It is one thing to create an image that is attractive and pleasing, it requires a sophisticated level of expertise to create an image that is authentic to each person as an individual.

Q. How do I arrange for a workshop for my company?

A. We are simply a phone call away. We will meet with the company CEO or director of training for a brief meeting to ascertain the needs of the company. Pittman IMAGE will then create a strategic workshop designed to resolve the specific needs at hand.

Q. What types of businesses usually hire Pittman IMAGE?

A. We work with companies ranging from 8 employees to several thousand employees. The goal of most of our corporate clientele is to improve overall image and moral within the organization. We offer solutions which foster brand consistency while integrating the individual image personalities of the workforce.

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Q. How do your corporate programs differ from programs offered by department stores or custom clothiers?

A. Our proprietary corporate programs are directed towards mind set, image awareness, personal  improvement and team building. We typically do not emphasize fashion.

We understand that fostering voluntary compliance and self reflection are the catalysts which encourage lasting personal improvement and IMAGE AuthenticitySM. After this voluntary desire for improvement is fostered, we follow up with custom organizational and personal service programs specific to the needs of your group. We have created templates for employee incentive, matching and reward programs which may be utilized to promote personal growth within the organization.

Q. Do you do contract work with retailers and other partner service providers to help them improve their sales?

A. Yes! We offer fun and exciting in store experiences that are designed to increase brand awareness, increase in store activity and strategically attract targeted audiences. We also offer trainings for retail staff and employees. The professionals at Pittman IMAGE have over 20 years of experience in the retail and custom clothing sectors.

Q. How are your fees structured?

A. Our fees for individuals are based on flat hourly rates. We will help determine the most cost effective opportunities available for you. Our fees for corporate services are based upon the scope of the job, and number of employees.

Special promotional programs are available each season.

Q. Do your fees also include the cost of clothing?

A. Generally speaking, no. The exception is our Graduate Program which also has a menu of clothing options and a definitive budget for each clothing package.

We may be able to help you minimize the need to purchase clothing. We teach you how to make the most of what you have already.

If a shopping budget is needed, we offer a complete budget and acquisition plan, which trains you to develop wise and well thought out shopping patterns.

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Q. Do you offer re-sale services?

A. Yes. However, we prefer to refer our clients to re-sale operators directly.


Are you services tax deductible?


Depending upon how you do your taxes, our consulting and training services may be tax deductible. We are not tax professionals and recommend that you discuss this question with your licensed tax professional.

Q. Do you receive commission from retailers?

A. Some retailers offer our company a commission on sales. Pittman IMAGE does not permit any stylist, owner or employee to personally accept commission or financial incentives based upon sales from retailers or other service providers. Instead, the company places all commissions received by retailers into a special charity fund, which is used to support several charities throughout the year.

Q. Where do you shop?

A. We will shop anywhere that we feel best suits the needs of each individual client. In the Orange County Area, we like to use the vast resources available at the South Coast Plaza and Fashion Island. We also enjoy supporting boutiques, online stores, custom clothiers and sometimes work directly with design houses internationally.

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Q. Do you work exclusively with luxury retailers?

A. No. We work with whichever retail establishments we feel will best suit the budget and lifestyle driven needs of our clients. We do emphasize quality.

 Q. I do not live in Orange County, do you travel?

A. We will typically travel anywhere on the globe to meet the needs of our clients. We can travel with our clients as needed for special events, campaigns etc.

Q. Do you offer any virtual consultation programs?

A. Yes, we offer consultations via SKYPE and can conduct workshops virtually if needed.

Q. How do you differ from a personal shopper at department stores?

A. Our only incentive is to wisely advise our client regardless of clothing sales. We do not answer to any retailer for quotas and we have no expectations from retailers on sales numbers. In addition, we usually have a broader perspective on your true needs and goals. We have taken time to understand what is happening in your life, and in your closet. Because we are paid by you, we are only accountable to you.

Q. How do I get started with a program?

A. We first meet for a thirty to forty-five minute introductory consultation. We can do this via SKYPE, phone or in person. Because this is a very personalized service,we prefer meeting with you in person whenever possible.

Q. What is a Wardrobe Review?

A. The Wardrobe Review is one of the most valuable personal services that we provide. We review your current wardrobe selection, jewelry, accessories etc. We look at how we may make the most of what you have already. Most importantly, we review any patterns that exist in your shopping habits that may be ineffective. Most of our programs include a Key Findings and Recommendations Report. We will then determine the best course of action that specifically addresses your needs.

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Q. Do you need to see my closet?

A. The short answer is yes. However, we understand that you may feel uncomfortable with having us in your closet. This is a common concern. We can work around your needs on a case by case basis.

Q. Do I need to purchase a “package” or may I purchase time towards your services as I go?

A. We allow our clients to work with us in any way that best suits their personal and budget needs. We have many ways to make our a la carte services and more comprehensive programs attainable.

Q. Who are your typical clients?

A. Our typical clients are as follows:

  • Men and women that are going through a transitional period and are seeking guidance, i.e. career change, lifestyle change, age transition, weight changes etc.
  • Professionals who understand that image is important to their business success.
  • Fashion savvy individuals that need help managing all of their wardrobe needs.
  • Busy men and women who need help managing their sophisticated lifestyle driven image needs.
  • People who attend special events, i.e. Red Carpet, Wedding, Galas etc.
  • We truly work with many walks of life and with a wide variety of budget needs.
  • Our motto is: Whatever Your Lifestyle Brings, We Get You Ready.

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Q. Do you offer donations for charity groups?

A. Yes! We regularly offer support to charitable organizations. We usually offer items for silent or live auctions, support and attend their events. We also help find ways to “friend raise” by introducing potential new donors to your organization through special events.

Q. Do you host special seminars for the public?

A. Yes. Typically we have public open enrollment events twice per year. We can offer more upon request depending upon our calendar.

Q. May I have an event created for a group of friends?

A. Yes. We offer private group events for groups of 10 or more.