Joanne Pittman

 In 1982, Joanne Pittman began her path in the fashion and image industry working for fine boutiques providing men’s and women’s apparel. In the first year of her career she was recognized as the top national sales person within eighty-six company locations. She attributes her success to creating unique problem solving programs rather than that of ‘selling’ apparel. Her innovative approaches evolved as she advanced as a merchandiser and buyer for a wide variety of specialty boutiques.

As a consultant with over twenty-four years of experience, Joanne has had the opportunity to wisely advise corporate entities and individuals of all walks of life. Her strategic image and budgeting solutions have enabled her clientele to efficiently meet their lifestyle, professional, personal and philanthropic needs. Her mantra, “it’s never about the clothes, it is about how they got there” has been the foundation from which she tailors each solution; whether it be on a corporate or individual scale.

Joanne has been presenting trainings to large and small audiences for over eighteen years. As The principal and founder of Pittman IMAGE, she is the director, developer and writer of all curricula, programs and templates used in her persuasive and effective IMAGE Authenticity™ trainings. Joanne believes in a high level of accountability. By offering trainings which deliver tangible and measurable results, she has helped 87% of her participants immediately implement skill sets learned to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace.

Joanne has a unique and personalized approach for creating programs geared toward the intricate needs of the adult learner. She seamlessly transitions the client into new, relevant solutions for their complicated lifestyle driven needs. Joanne says, “We can help anybody with an open mind. More importantly, we can help those who seem to be closed minded. Our objective is to raise new questions and create new expectations. Give me just one hour with your ‘most difficult’ employee, friend or loved one”.

Joanne has been certified in body type and color analysis.  Her extensive hands-on experience with fine tailoring, garment construction and textiles enables her to educate her clients on solutions that work best for their needs. Although this training has been of great value, Joanne says that her most important training has been in the offices, homes and dressing rooms of thousands of individuals providing her experience with most every image situation imaginable. Joanne combines years of experience within the image and fashion industries with her passion for the neurosciences and her love of helping others to put each individual into focus.

Because of her high level of expertise, she has been selected as a feature writer in several publications. Joanne is a nationally published author, with six additional books underway. She currently writes monthly for Cupid’s Pulse, Hope After Divorce, Family Share and LA Family.

Joanne’s extensive experience with design, nutrition, culinary arts and as a personal fitness trainer dovetails into the IMAGE Authenticity™ solutions she provides her clientele. She has two sons in college and currently enjoys tennis, beach volleyball and the study of neuropsychology as some of her hobbies.