Why IMAGE Authenticity?

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Why IMAGE Authenticity?

Because looking great is not enough. It is easy to become prey to the rigors of the fashion industry. There is one thing that most of the human race has in common. It isn’t about style or fashion or even acceptance for that matter. It is about being understood.

Having worked in this industry for over 23 years, it is common to hear men and women say, ”I do not care what other people think.” Which may or may not be true. Whether or not you care about how you look, my question is, do you want to be understood?” 

What does it mean to be understood? Have you ever met someone and been confused? You see one thing and then hear something entirely different. The visual image and verbal presentation do not match. How does this happen?

Let’s face it, shopping is not that easy. The fashions change every season. The stores have so much to choose from. We are enticed to purchase things that are “on sale” that are really not going to work for us. Shopping for clothing can be expensive, time consuming and frustrating to say the least. The emotional trauma can often times be worse than the financial trauma. No wonder why you don’t want to go shopping! Throw into the mix weight fluctuation, lifestyle changes, aging… a perfect storm.

There is one more component that I have saved for last. Many of us are going through life day to day without much direction. We get caught up in our daily grind. We begin to forget who we are and why we matter. We have not developed a strong enough sense of self, self worth and purpose. It is easy to lose sight of these things when we get so caught up in the busy activities of our day to day lives.

You may ask, “What does this have to do with shopping?” I say to you: “Everything.” This is why we created IMAGE AuthenticitySM. As we work with our clients, we are creating image solutions that speak to who they are and why they matter. Using the language of color, texture, detail, and current trends, we help you communicate a message that is authentic to you. When people meet you, your message will be congruent and easy to understand. Your wardrobe should be effortlessly ‘you’ in all aspects of your lifestyle; from casual to business, to black-tie.

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