A La Carte


A La Carte Services


Let us do your shopping for you. Our approach will help you make the best of your budget. We fight the crowds and save you valuable time. We work within your budget needs and deliver to your home.

Special Events:

Have a special party and want to look extraordinary? Our expertise is in the details.

  •  We help you shop your closet and put together an ensemble that flatters and is appropriate.
  • If something spectacularly new is what you wish for, say the word and we will put together a wardrobe created just for you, delivered to your home. No need to fight the crowds!


Traveling, no time to pack? Pittman IMAGE will handle everything for you. We will make sure that you have all that you need without the need of your own cargo hold. Pack up to 3 weeks of travel in multiple climates and venue dress codes in a carry on and tote bag. From the gym to the black tie affair, we have you covered.

Wardrobe Review:

  • Need some help reorganizing and understanding your closet?
  • Don’t know what to keep and what to donate?
  • Ever wonder WHY you have a closet full of nothing to wear?

Our unique approach to wardrobe reviews is designed to help you end purchasing cycles that create frustration and confusion in your closet. We help you understand what works best for your lifestyle, your body type. Most importantly, we help you understand how and why you might be making purchases that are not serving you well.

Please contact us for pricing.