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Testimonials from our clients

“The education alone was worth the investment.” – “ I did not believe that the cost of services would make sense. With skepticism I agreed to have Joanne come assess my wardrobe and make recommendations. When I balked at the price, she told me that I had more than $1200.00 worth of mistakes in my closet, that did not “pencil” and that I was losing more than $1200.00 worth of business on a regular basis. I did not present an image that spoke to my level of expertise or experience. “I did not know what I did not know.” I told Joanne that it was impossible to find things that fit me correctly. She just smiled. I met with her for 2 hours after she had preselected clothing for me. When I arrived, I was surprised to see that there was so much available to me. Everything she picked fit me perfectly. She was right, I was not shopping in the right places and I did not know what I did not know. I also have to admit, the right clothing does make a difference. I feel comfortable, confident and at the top of my game while wearing the wardrobe that she introduced into my closet.” – Mike S. Financial Strategist

“You can do better. Casual does not mean dumpy.” – “I can still hear her message ringing in my ears. I did not know that looking good could be so comfortable. My wife loves the way and look and no longer looks at me with her hands on her hips to say, “Are you really going to wear that?” Even better yet, my wife hired Pittman IMAGE for herself.  Now I no longer wait around for her to get ready. She is ready before I am now! Thank you Pittman IMAGE.” – J.K. Retired CEO Denver, CO

“We were able to purposefully purge those items that were holding me back.” “Pittman IMAGE helped match my wardrobe to my lifestyle and my goals.  They helped me to recognize items I am never going to wear again that were taking up valuable space in my closet and my life. Joanne helped identify how clothes could be altered so they fit/look better. Now I am actually liking and wearing them.”  – K Sylvester, Long Beach, CA

 ”Who knew shopping could be so fun?!” –  ”It was amazing to walk into a room filled with beautiful pieces hand selected just for me.  No more gaps in my wardrobe. Now playing in my closet making new combinations is a joy.  Thank you for the style transition. I went from “work-from-home/soccer mom” to “casual and comfortable, creative and passionate professional and mom” – the real me.  I love the fit and feel of the designer clothes, and my husband appreciates getting so many pieces on sale.” -Lila Newport Coast, CA

“It was as much of an educational time as it was fun.” –  ”I had so much fun working with Joanne and Linda!  Our first meeting entailed them asking me a lot of questions about who I was. I later saw why they were asking. I felt that they really heard what I was saying and understood me and my personal needs and goals.  When it came time for me to try on all the clothes they had pulled, there wasn’t an item in there that I didn’t like.  When I was trying things on, they really taught me about how clothes should fit and how to get the most use out of each article of clothing. I felt like I went into a boutique that was made just for me – all my size and all things that I liked.” -Virginia Zart, Long Beach, CA

“I found her service invaluable and feel fortunate to have found someone with her level of expertise.” – “I have had the pleasure of working with Joanne Pittman for several years. She has been a fabulous resource for my wardrobe and my personal “brand”. She has helped me purchase clothing and accessories, purge my closet, and coordinate outfits for work and travel. . I would recommend her highly and am looking forward to working with her for many years to come!” -Beth Whitlinger

“I feel so much better with the closet being organized!” -  ”What a difference that has made each morning.  I can just glance over and see what I have to work with. I’ve received several comments from people saying that the investment was well worth it — which makes me feel great! Thanks! – Bev Steele

“I had new outfits without doing any shopping!” –  ”I was a bit anxious about going through my closet with my stylists.  While I do try and weed through my clothes each season, there was a lot of stuff in there that I was holding on to. Pittman IMAGE helped me go through, try on, purge and keep items without pressure. Now what remains in my closet looks good, fits and makes sense for me.  It really is nice to know that now I can put on anything in my closet and know that it looks good on me.  The added bonus:  They taught me different matching options with pieces I would never have put together. 

“They helped me see things I wouldn’t have thought of putting together.” – “Joanne organized my closet. Now it makes sense and things are easy to find & put together. She gave ideas on how to buy quality pieces that will last vs. going for the quick, cheap and unflattering. Then she suggested outfit combinations using what I already own.   Basically all those things we *think* we can do on our own, but never do.”  – Karissa, S

“I count the day we spent cleaning out my closet one of the most liberating of my life!” - “Pittman IMAGE has managed to push my conservative (okay, boring) leanings towards  a more stylish and smart look while still maintaining my demands for comfort and practicality.  With a smile on her face, and unflinching tenacity, she has insisted on pieces that more often than not have become my favorites and the staples of my wardrobe.

 I don’t know anyone other than Joanne whom I’d trust to send bags of “dead weight” and “don’t do you justice”  clothing to Goodwill. 

I’ve become a real believer in her credo that there should only be clothing in your closet that you really wear.”-  ”Having accomplished this simplifies dressing and brings with it a greater sense of confidence.” – Pam, Newport Beach, CA.

“Pittman IMAGE helped me feel beautiful and comfortable.” – “My experiences with Pittman IMAGE have always been exceptional! Linda and Joanne are both professional, experienced, classy and easy to work with. They are almost the yin and yang for styling. Linda brings more of the trendy, glamorous side out and Joanne brings the sophisticated, business side out. I found this especially helpful to me on a recent shoot for a health magazine.  Being a former star of The Real Housewives of Orange County, I wanted to still portray a glam side, but also wanted to portray my “brand” of a holistic mom. With both their different personalities and types of styling, we had the perfect synergy for this shoot! I also love how they are beautiful, strong women, but approachable and help made me feel beautiful and comfortable while shooting. Anytime I have a red carpet event I know I can count on them to help me decide on the best outfit for any type of theme or cause.”  – Peggy Tanous, TV Personality and Host 

 ”I had never considered the things that they presented” – “I attended a workshop given by Joanne. I thought she would talk about fashion and what not to wear. I was surprised to hear her message on creating an authentic image. I went home and my mind was reeling with the things that I had heard. What a revolutionary way to approach image and the way we are perceived. It really made me think. I went home and began to edit my closet of  full of things that were not accurately representing my personal message.”  – Cherie Turner, Western National Group Irvine, CA

“I always learn something new.” - ”I have been to several presentations given by Joanne Pittman of Pittman IMAGE. She is always professional, yet entertaining and I highly recommend her as a speaker and presenter. Her knowledge is diverse. I am always amazed at how she is able to bring it all together and make me understand her message and how it applies to my personal needs. She is a great talent.” – John B. San Clemente, CA

“I knew that things needed to be done differently. I just didn’t know where to start.” - “Thank you for a really fantastic presentation at our Southwest Exchange conference for Junior League. I very much enjoyed it and (I’m assuming I’m not alone in this) I was of course inspired to go home and take a hard look at that overly stuffed closet of mine.”

“I felt as if you were speaking to me …and my closet” –  ”I truly enjoyed your presentation on Saturday.  I’ve thought about getting an image consultant/person to dress me as I’m always overwhelmed by my wardrobe and what articles I should buy.  I too grew up in a family that stresses quality over quantity!” - Tanya, Las Vegas, NV.