IMAGE AuthenticitySM

Pittman IMAGE offers a full line of image consulting services geared and customized to each client’s goals. Our programs can be customized in a varied range of services to meet your specific goals and needs in the following categories:

Getting Started: The Process

Our goal is to help you articulate the image you want to present or portray by conducting a 30 to 45 minute meeting with you via telephone conference or in person when possible. We will discuss your goals, needs and concerns, keeping your unique vision at the forefront of our plans. Based on our assessment, we will recommend one of our IMAGE AuthenticitySM formatted programs or A La Carte choices to address your needs. 


We offer comprehensive services for individuals who want to develop a strong first impression and brand identity through wardrobe and image development, communication, etiquette, and protocol skills. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and include:

  • Personal Branding
  • Personal Vision Statement
  • Wardrobe Review and Inventory
  • Shopping Services
  • Photo-shoot Styling
  • Special Event Styling
  • Budget and Acquisitions Planning
  • Travel Wardrobe Planning
  • Closet Therapy and Organization
  • Tailoring Recommendations
  • Wardrobe Investment Strategies

Corporate/Small Business

Our corporate services are tailored to integrate company culture and individual personality and are designed to have an immediate impact on your bottom line.

Diversity in the workplace can be your most valuable asset or your most difficult issue to resolve. Pittman IMAGE has designed effective workshops to address mindset and team awareness regarding the importance of image, personal image and interaction within the corporate environment and beyond.

Pittman IMAGE offers customized solutions to dress code issues within the workplace. Our approach to dress code creates a way for each employee to understand the importance of his or her role within the organization. See Joanne’s article taken from her book titled Why Dress Codes Don’t Work.

We understand that mindset must be addressed before incorporating a specific standard of dress and image requirements within the workplace. We offer up to four phases of team-building and image awareness exercises designed to create higher productivity and revenue stream within the workplace. Sharp, enthusiastic employees make for a sharp, healthy bottom line.

  • Employee Retention and Talent Attraction Incentive Programs
  • Executive Business Relations Programs
  • Implementation Programs customized to work for each person in your organization one-on-one to create immediate and lasting results
  • Business Travel Solutions: We Get You Ready, for every meeting, excursion or situation. Your time is better spent living and enjoying the journey.  

Philanthropic Programs

Uniquely, we work with non-profit organizations by providing image development solutions that enable them to grow their organizations and their fund raising efforts. Whatever the size or goal of the non-profit organization, we can help create the kind of image that attracts the attention of people who can truly help further the non-profit’s cause. We specialize in a variety of high-profile galas and events, including:

  • Silent Auction and Live Auction packages designed to raise funds for your group
  • Speaking engagements and programs to entertain your important donors
  • Selling opportunities where a return of the sales goes back to the organization
  • Networking opportunities to help build your charity
  • Workshops and programs for staff and volunteers


IMAGE AuthenticitySM for Corporations / Small Businesses / Networking Groups
Philanthropic Organizations / Clubs and Special Interest Groups:

  • Complimentary consultations
  • Charitable contribution programs
  • Custom tailored team-building presentations for businesses, charity groups and various other organizations
  • Editorial / Media / Film styling services
  • Intern programs
  • Global service agreementswe travel anywhere as needed.
  • Networking opportunities
  • Portrait styling services
  • Shopping services
  • Special events
  • Special group rates
  • Special occasion preparation and “Red Carpet” styling services
  • Travelwardrobe planning and packing services
  • Travel stylist
  • Workshops and seminars tailored to your organization’s goals and needs